Check mate

This is is the second day in a row now that I've worn a check-shirt-skinny-jeans combo, but I'll only bore you with one of them. 

No, this isn't some new fancy fashion trend, but it is the ideal outfit for a casual day, whether that be at uni like my day was, or a day shopping or lunch with your girls. 

I've already featured this checked shirt on here before and like I said it is years old, so it can't be bought at the minute. But there are always so many checked shirts to choose from on the high street. 

If you haven't already got one in your wardrobe - what are you playing at?! Checked shirts are the perfect item to keep in your wardrobe right through from winter to summer. Pair with skinny jeans like I have for a dull day or wear open over a plain slip dress on a hot summers day. The options are endless!

Sunny Sundays

Not gonna lie - I was only out of the house today for just over an hour, but seems I couldn't be bothered to make the effort to do my hair, I thought I should at least make half an effort with my outfit.

Printed trousers are the perfect trans-seasonal choice and definitely worth investing in, especially now the days are starting to get muggier. I've dug my ones out of my wardrobe that I bought last summer from New Look, but plenty of places on the High Street have various styles in stock at the moment

Mesh and laser cut tops are a big trend this season - stick to monochrome tones so that you have the flexibility to wear them in numerous ways.

Also, what used to be classed as underwear is now becoming more acceptable to wear as your outerwear. Lily Allen sported an orange bralet and pink skirt combo at the BRITs after party and not many people batted an eyelid. 

If you pull this trend off properly then you don't have to look like a baby prostitute. I've layered a black lace bralet under my white laser-cut top just to show a hint of the underwear without it being totally on show.

Unfortunately, as I'm based in Lincoln at the minute, it does mean that a jacket is still often needed and for today I relied on my trusty leather jacket, which I've had for years!

Bargain Dress

I've recently been on work experience in London and didn't like any of my clothes enough to take them with me, so of course I had to do a bit of shopping.

I found this dress in New Look on offer for just £10! It's great as it can be dressed up or dressed down and it can take you right through from day to night.

The monochrome pattern also means that I didn't have to stray too far out of my comfort zone either.

The only thing I would say is, if you are tall like me ladies, this dress does border on being nearly too short - but pair with some tights and you'll be fine :).


Have you been to Primark recently? If you haven't then you need to get yourself there! 

Chunky necklaces are looking to stay for SS14, but if you don't have a big budget to be investing in this trend, Primark is the place for you.

Their necklace range is actually really good at the minute and although I often forget about popping into the store, I'm really happy I did this time.

This statement necklace was just £4! Yes, you heard right, £4! I couldn't quite believe it either... It made the perfect finishing touch to an outfit I wore recently for an interview and I know I'm going to get plenty more wears out of this necklace.

Simply beautiful.

Sock fetish.

For as long as I can remember now I have loved the sock/shoe combination. You know when they say socks & sandals are so wrong - well they were kinda wrong (well in most circumstances anyhow!)

The cut-out boot trend is huge at the moment and they can look even cooler if paired with the right socks. I've been after some netted ones for ages and although American Apparel had some similar ones, I ended up finding mine on eBay - they were an absolute bargain at £2.50 each.

The white version would look amazing inside a pair of chunky black cut-out boots and the black ones are versatile enough to wear with many a boot or heel.

Fishnet/meshing is everywhere at the minute, from tops to full length maxi dresses. But if you're still not sure if you can pull off this look, start off with socks and you'll soon fall in love with the trend - goth or no goth!

On Wednesdays we wear black.

Yes it is another all black outfit, and no it wasn't actually a Wednesday, but I can't help but to keep going back to this colour.

It instantly makes you feel good from head-to-toe and is the perfect colour for a night out. For this occasion, I rocked my new mesh top which I found from a seller on eBay, with my new black, pencil leather skirt from H&M. (It was only £14.99 ladies - such a bargain!)

Team your all black look with a bright lip colour like my Topshop one in the colour 'Straight Ace,' statement jewellery and a chunky pair of heels and you're good to go.

Release your inner goth.



I've mentioned it before, and I will probably mention it a few more times - I love winter and the clothes. Mainly the chance to purchase more beanie hats really. 

This winter I picked this burgundy one from independent clothing brand Time To Rise Clothing for just £10!

As and when I can, I like to try and support the good work that independent clothing brands do by buying from them, rather than the high street. TTRC have some bold and slick designs on offer as well as selling these quality-made head warmers. 

Perfect for keeping your ears warm and not having to style your hair for the day! I'd definitely recommend.


So that vintage jacket I posted about a few weeks ago - I've finally had the opportunity to wear it! Granted it was only for a days shopping with my house-mate, but it was nice to not have to make too much effort.

I've always been a massive fan of mixing my clothes up with menswear items, and my Adidas Originals tee is one of my favourites. I think it goes perfectly with my vintage jacket and I channelled my inner 'sports-luxe' look with this outfit.

You don't see many other girls in Lincoln (my University city) wearing a jacket like this, so I have to say I did get some looks from people, especially the older generation. But I absolutely loved looking like I was something out of Fresh Prince for the day.


Amongst my friends and family I've always been known to barely wear any colour, other than the lipstick on my lips. So now that monochrome has become a big trend this year, I couldn't be more happy!

As I'm quite tall the midi trend of skirts and dresses is perfect for me, as the clothes then aren't too short. To carry on being able to wear mine through winter I have started layering my over-sized, chunky-knit jumpers over the top - so cosy.

I wore this outfit for drinks with my girls and so to add that little bit of colour, I teamed my outfit with dark plum lips and a casual smoky eye. Finishing off the outfit with this statement spike necklace from New Look.

Halloween 2013.

As always I let Halloween creep up on me and left myself with only a couple of days to sort out an outfit.

Thankfully with my sister already been and gone to University, I could borrow this cave woman outfit from her old uni days. Then all that was needed was a bit of gore...

Shocking effort I know right? But I think zombie cave women will be a thing of future Halloweens (realistically, probably not!).

Who knows, maybe next year I'll remember that Halloween is ALWAYS the 31st October, and get an outfit sorted in plenty of time.

Until next year :)

Scrunchie loving.

I was a massive fan of scrunchies as a kid, so I'm loving the fact that they have started to make a come-back this season!

This black velvet version was a complete bargain at £1.99 from eBay and I have barely stopped wearing it since it arrived in the post.

Coming in a range of colours, it really is the time to re-awaken your inner 90s child and revamp your hairstyles with a scrunchie.

They are the perfect accessory and you would be silly not to catch on to this trend - especially if you have long locks! 

All the coats.

Okay, ignore the tag on the front and the fact that I don't actually own the coat (ssh!) - but I absolutely fell in love with this cape today.

Not my usual shop, Marks & Spencer's, but I found myself trying on a number of their coats earlier this afternoon! This all happened because I was meant to be coat shopping for my mother, but I just couldn't resist.

With an eager eye for a bit of faux-fur, I was drawn to three different beautiful coats, this being one of them. If I didn't have the urge to own a cape before, I definitely do now.

The all black style would be perfect for winter and last year after year, and surprisingly it is a lot more cosy than it looks.

Think I may have to go back and make a purchase once I have been paid :)


I don't know about anybody else, but I LOVE winter - I'm a huge fan of jumpers & knitwear and actually get excited when I can get them all back out my wardrobe.

Over-sized jumpers are a big trend for this season, especially if worn over a fitted pencil skirt. However, the weather was particularly rubbish on this occasion so I had to opt for jeans instead.

The sleeveless, polka-dot blouse was one of my favourites this summer, and to continue being able to wear it right through to winter, I layered it underneath my green chunky knit, for a casual day time look. :)


I'm a little bit late with getting this fresher's post up, and as you can see I didn't go out all that much, but here are my outfits from the nights I did go out...

Cream dress - Topshop

Vintage shirt - Cow vintage, Sheffield. (

Red tartan dress & bowler hat - both eBay

I like to vary what I wear on a night out, and other than my cream dress, I'm not normally too girly with my outfits. 

The short and shirt combo, was perfect for a night at Hawaiian club 'Lola Lo's' as it is always extremely hot in there and the outfit isn't too dressy.

If you are going to invest in at least one new going out dress this season, make sure it is tartan! You can never go wrong with a bit of tartan, and the print is available in a range of colours and styles on the high street this autumn/winter!

Vintage fair.

Judy's affordable vintage fair came to Lincoln today and I fell in love instantly with so many of the clothes at the event.

Remembering I was there on business, and not just to shop, I quickly picked up this vintage coat as soon as I laid my eyes on it.

I've wanted something similar for years now, but was yet to find the perfect one. But at just £16.50 and with autumnal colours, this coat will be great for the upcoming winter season :)

(ps - I feel like I should be on Fresh Prince right now)

All black everything.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that winter is coming!! It's definitely my favourite season, clothes wise, and a perfect excuse to get the beanie hats back out...

Today was the first time the beanie has reappeared, and for this occasion I decided to keep everything all black - absolutely love.

Everyone should have at least one head-to-toe outfit of 'all black everything,' and now the weather is becoming that bit colder, there is no better timing than to start bringing them back out the closet.

Ways to wear...

Cropped shirt - Topshop £35

"I'm absolutely in love with this shirt!! I bought it at the start of the summer and have already had plenty of use out of it so far..

With the monochrome check pattern, it is very easy to dress up or dress down and I have worn it for both a night out with the girls (left), and dinner with the family (right).

In my opinion you can never have too many checked shirts, and this cropped, over-sized version, has fast become one of my key wardrobe pieces :)."

Shirt - Primark £12

"This summer I've been obsessed with daisy print - it's become my version of a shiny thing to a magpie!

I don't often find anything to buy in Primark, but I was so chuffed when I stumbled across this daisy print shirt, and at £12 it was a bargain.

It's another key piece of my wardrobe now and goes perfectly with my Levi's (left), or with my favourite black midi skirt (right)." 

Checked shirt - New Look (years old!!)

"In the process of moving house a couple of months ago, I stumbled across this green checked shirt - one of many items of clothing I've neglected over the years, as my wardrobe has grown bigger and bigger.

But it was the perfect find for this summer... It has been a great cover up over a floaty dress for the sunny days when there was a slight chill in the air, and alone by itself - it is great with a pair of skinny jeans for a family get together."

(Yes! I like checked shirts :)..)


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